How to improve ARPU

The capability of defining and working with true product management instead of "on/off" one size fits all mentality create the extra revenue that hotspots need to survive. Our statistics show that in most hotspots, around 20-30% of all products are "non" standard, without AmazingPorts technology you may be loosing out on those sales.

It is also a way to entice new users to try services or cross sell a quality service to an existing customer.

In short this structure makes it possible for you to define and sell almost any imaginative access product to any user in any location....

  • Really fast internet
  • Really slow internet
  • Free services - but limited priority
  • Selective services - like "only VoIP from VoipLtd", or "only e-mail from"
  • A yearly subscription
  • A temporary broadband boost
  • Priority to your favorite gaming server
  • Only give access to people with green hair to the "" web site.
  • Cut a deal with local "Big Co" and sell them E-mail only access for their sales force.

Obviously you can price everything differently and according to your comprehension of what is "smart" pricing.

Please notice the unique capability of selling any combination of these services to any user.

By adapting price and service to customer expectations you maximise the revenue potential of each user!

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