How do I install the Access Controller

Installing the Access Controller

This installation assumes that you have fundamental knowledge of networking and access to two computers one to become your Access Controller and the other to perform the registration after installation.

  1. Obtain the ISO of the Access Controller -
  2. Obtain a standard X86 computer with two NICs (network adapters) and a CD drive.
  3. Set bios to boot from CD, “ignore” keyboard error and auto power-on on ‘power-loss’.
    1. Further more we recommend that you turn of any BIOS features not required to run the machine.
    2. Disable any SATA drives and ports in BIOS.
  4. Burn the Installation CD
  5. Install the AC (notice this will erase everything on the Computer)
  6. Once you the installation completes, the CD will eject and the AC will beep
    1. REMOVE THE CD – Otherwise it may boot from the CD again.
  7. Connect "the other" computer to the public network of the AC
  8. IP will be DHCP assigned and in the range of 172.23.12.xx) – note that 12 may be 13 or 14 depending on the number of NICs that your AC has.
  9. Open the local web admin interface on (you may have to replace the C network “12” with “13” depending on how many NICs your AC has.
    1. default credentials are
      1. username: admin
      2. password: admin
  10. Configure all network settings (The AC assumes it will be served its WAN address etc from a DHCP server).
  11. Reboot the Access Controller (whether you have done any changes or not)
  12. Re-connect to the local web admin interface and click the registration link in the top right hand corner.
  13. Follow the link (automatically or manually) to the NEW registration site.
  14. Complete the registration process to obtain an admin account to make vouchers and customise your landing page etc...
  15. Somthing didn't work? Pls contact Customer Service

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