How does the daily pass work?

The daily pass is intended to suit venues where a large number of clients are offered internet access and it is inconvenient or not wanted to distribute vouchers to each individual separately.

When the daily pass is enabled the landing portal is extended, so that end users can "enter" their daily passes.

In the Accounting section you can follow the number of vouchers that were created using daily passes.

Under the Network tab, in Network Settings - you find all the avaialble configuration settings

Daily Pass Settings

Enable Daily Pass Enables the daily pass, and starts the automatic generator
Mail to Settings : When the daily pass is generated you can have it emailed automatically to selected users
Mail Pass to Admins Mail the daily pass to all Administrators
Mail Pass to Voucher Makers Mail the daily pass to all Voucher Makers
Mail Pass To Mail the daily pass to this email address (can be any valid address)
Daily Pass Product Select the product that a user using a daily pass will get. It is recommended to use a simple or standard product so that user still can purchase upgrades if they please.
Current Daily Pass This is the current password - You can re-set the password by "diabling" and re-enabling the daily pass.
Administrative Time Zone Set your time zone so that the pass generator knows when during the day - in your location - to generate the pass.
Generate at this time of day The approximate time of day when the daily pass will be generated.
Update Frequency The frequency at which the generation should happen 1= every day, 7 = once a week, 30 equals approximately once a month
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