How can I add multiple languages to my landing page?

Internationalisation of the landing page

Note: This guide is only valid if you use the AmazingPorts native landing portal, if you have implemented your own landing portal, please refer to the documentation of your portal software.

Requirement: You need to be an administrator to perform this task

Step 1 - Understanding snippets

Snippets is the way the portal implements different languages, they are small "texts" or "snippets" of code that contain language specific content.

The name of the snippet indicates where it is used.

Step 2 - Understanding "fall back"

When a user "prefers" a language it is not certain that there is a "current" implementation for this language, there for the snippet mechanism tries to find the best possible match for each snippet, given language and location.

This is the fall-back order in which different snippets are used:

  • Customised implementation - User Preference
  • Customised implementation - English
  • System default - user preference
  • System default - english

Step 3 - Add Snippets for a language

First always add English, this ensures that your users will always "get" your snippets, and that the system will not fall-back to the system default look and feel.

You add your first language by:

  • Select the Look & Feel Tab
  • Click List Snippets
  • Choose language
  • Click the "Add Language" button

Note: If you add a language that has already been added, the system checks that you have "all possible" snippets in the system.



Step 4 - Edit the snippet

You can edit each snippet for each language you have added by clicking the "language" abbreviation.

Language abbreviations follow the ISO 639-1 standard.

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