Look & Feel

The AmazingPorts Access Controller can use the integrated landing portal or any other internet page.

This article covers how all important aspects of the end-user experience can be customised using the built in portal.


The landing portal is built from "snippets", snippets can be both "simple" text or HTML depending on what they do in the portal.

Forexample CSS is "text" where as the top part of the landing page is "HTML".

In the main administrative portal Administrators have access to a section of the main menu called "Look & Feel". In this section there is a submenu listing all snippets that the Administrator can edit. This menu is not available to the roles like "Voucher Makers", "Accountants" and "Support Agents" to avoid confusion or unwanted changes.

For HTML snippets AmzingPorts has integrated a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to make editing simple and intuitive. You can upload and use your own pictures, logo etc.

Examples of snippets are:

  • The voucher template
  • The End-User Terms & Conditions
  • The CSS (Borders, colours, shadows, fonts etc)
  • The main HTML parts of the landing pages
  • Format and contents of automatic emails

Language Selection

The portal automatically detects the preferred language of the user. This is done using the user preferences from the browser rather then based on "location", "IP" or any other non languge specific aspect of the user session.

If the portal doesn't have the specific snippet for a specific language it falls back to english as the default language, making sure that the user always get something resonable on his screen.

Automatic replacements

To make it simple to maintain and handle multiple locations, the portal automatically replaces a number of variables in runtime these are:

  • The name of the location
  • The name of the network
  • The End-Users first and last name as well as his login name
  • The URL the user was "redirected" with.


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