For commercial use AmazingPorts provide three levels of licensing targeting Hotels, Enterprises and ISP's.

    Hotel / SME Enterprise Small ISP Large ISP
Charge per month   30€ 50€ 500€ 5000€
Managed ACs   1 1 20 Unlimited
Additional AC's / month   15€ 15€ 15€ -
Email Support   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support   No Yes Yes Yes
Authentication Integration   No Yes Yes Yes
API   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Directive 2006/24/EC compliance   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional Dedicated AMS / Month   n/a n/a 500€ Included
Card Payments   Configurable Configurable Configurable Configurable
On site support 1500€ / day

In all licensed models the credit card sales are configurable either to benefit the network owner or to be completely disabled.

The Free Service

AmazingPorts free service let you create, print and sell as many vouchers as you please with no limitations or revenue share. Vouchers paid with the integrated credit-card store are subject to a revenue share. AmazingPorts retain the first EUR 30 / month. Thereafter all revenue is shared with the location on a 50/50 basis. Payments are made quarterly and must amount to at least a minimum of EUR 50. Below this level no payment is made, the account is reset at the end of each quarter.

The free service do not include: Phone support, API access, Authentication integration, configurable card payments, Directive 2006/24/EC compliance nor a dedicated AMS service (AmazingPorts Management System).


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