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Internet in your venue

Providing internet is key aspect of any venue that is in the hospitality industry today. Independent of how your venue is using its offering to attract clients and revenue, a good smart internet access offering will make your Venue more attractive and profitable. Directive 2006/24/EC compliance is a given.

Free or Charge for?

We recommend venues to combine free and charge for options so that all users can be catered for and given the right level of service dependent on their requirements.

Look & Feel

AmazingPorts integrated landing portal is multi lingual and allow you to modify most aspects of the end-user experience.

If you don't want to use the standard portal, you can configure any web page in the world as your landing page!

Get Started Now!

AmazingPorts let you configure anything you need the way you need it, but if you don't want to configure anything - it all works straight out of the box!

We know of users that got everything working in less then 1h!

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