Enterprise Guest Access

Most companies wish to offer guests, partners, consultants employees from other branches, etc... trouble free, easy to use internet access that is safe and preferably also usable by local staff and that requires little or no administrative maintenance.

Advantages using AmazingPorts

Easy Configuration

AmazingPorts is fully automatic and requires a minimum amount of settings to get started. All administration is fully secured over encrypted connections. The main administrative portal uses 256 bit encryption recognisable by all normal web browsers. All local administrative interfaces on network equipment support automatic password rotation. The Access Controller offer shell access, local web admin access and the main access is handled through AmazingPorts secure administrative portal at:

Simple Authorisation models


Anyone without an account on the local systems can be given access in any of the following ways:

Vouchers - Reception or anyone given the authority can make vouchers. These can printed on scratch cards or simply printed on normal paper when required. When creating vouchers the system will automatically export multiple vouchers to Excel, and use a fully customisable template for single vouchers. The voucher "secret" is adapted to the validity of the voucher, making vouchers intended for instant use, short and simple to enter!

Daily Pass - When the daily pass system is activated it mails the "daily pass" to selected people, this daily pass can then be displayed where required.

Local users

Most companies have an email system and maintain the list of accounts carefully. AmazingPorts authentication module leverage this by enabling the enterprise to use the email system as an authentication provider. This way local staff can be given access not only to internet but also to selected internal resources.

Guest Access Example

Secure "tunnel through" technology

AmazingPorts securely tunnels any guest users through a corporate network making it possible to allow or deny access to local services like printers, servers etc. depending on security requirements and user "type".

With AmazingPorts Access Controller it possible for guest users to use their normal VPN technology to access their own resources safely and securely.

2006/24/EC directive

AmazingPorts Access Controller is compliant with the directive 2006/24/EC on retaining data generated through electronic communications or public communications networks.

Customisable look and feel

The End-User experience is fully customisable using the built in landing portal (read more here) or a separate web page can be used. The redirection mechanism provide third party landing pages with two different methods for obtaining information about the end-user session; As parameters in the redirection and through the API.




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