You can download the Access Controller (AC) and the manual in this ZIP file.

Or separately unzipped ISO and MANUAL

Short instructions:

  1. Burn a CD with the ISO file you will find in the ZIP file.
  2. Prepare a computer with two network adapters. (Older standard PCs are best - SFF is perfect! - no SATA discs, disable SATA controllers in BIOS)
  3. Install using the CD (Warning: Everything on the computer will be ERASED!!!)
  4. After installation completes, the computer beeps and the CD is opened, Remove the CD.
  5. AC restarts.
  6. Connect AC to internet (NIC1), and connect a separate LAPTOP / Computer to the other Network adapter.
    1. If you don't get an IP on your LAPTOP, swap the network cables on the AC.
  7. Using your LAPTOP visit (note HTTPS)
  8. Make required configurations (or leave all on automatic)
  9. Restart AC - and let it run for a couple of minutes, 10 or more
  10. Reconnect to the local web administration, and register your Access Controller via the semaphore on the local web interface (top right corner)

There are no costs or fees involved in the installation and registration of the AC.


Read about virtualisation here specifically if you encounter hardware compatibility issues.

Assisted installation

AmazingPorts offer free email (customer-service (at) installation support, for onsite or telephone support please contact sales (at)


AmazingPorts AccessController can be used for free under certain conditions read more about licensing here!

WARRANTY: We will not charge you anything that has not been clearly agreed or paid in advance!


AmazingPorts Services are provided AS IS to our best effort


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