Celebrating 15 years of public Hotspot operation in 2016!

AmazingPorts was founded in 2001. The idea was to build a network management software that would easily support more than 100 000 users in more than 10 000 locations without requiring special or 'strange' technology.

The last 30 days AmazingPorts Access controller was installed in 2 locations all over the world, you can see them here.

AmazingPorts has always been the leading provider of hotspot technology. Among other things AmazingPorts and Intel® were the first companies in the world to launched public service hotspots with over 10 Mbps connection speeds in 2002.

Our versatile and extensible rules engine enable the network owner to control his network in a fine grained way without incurring massive administrative overhead. This makes it possible to implement more complex authorisation structures that either provide you better governance, or simple more revenue if you are a hotspot.

All "sensitive" communication is transmitted over encrypted links, this makes the system less vulnerable than many other systems which often ignore security because it is complicated to manage and expensive to maintain.

Currently the AmazingPorts technology is maintained by Holitomic AB in Sweden.

AmazingPorts underwent a complete upgrade of the administrative systems in 2009 and 2010, and in 2012 a fix was devised for the elusive 404bug. Stable and mature systems are now available to network owners all over the world.


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